Barry and Kyle are sons of Billy and Ida Monette, owners of Brennan’s Hill Hotel.  I have known the family since Bill’s father was alive—I played hockey with his late brother, Guy.

Bill owns a wooded property behind Brennan’s Hill, so the boys had room to roam and learn to trap and shoot.  When Barry was about 14 years old, his dad asked whether I could take Barry under my wing during hunting season.  He loved the bush, and was tough and strong.  He trapped beaver, skinned them, and cured the pelts when he was only a kid.  He was serious about hunting, paid attention, and learned quickly.  Barry is a lot like a good beagle—always eager to go, tireless on the hunt, and is out cold as soon as he’s had something to eat, until the next call of “let’s go, boys.”  Because Barry understood the teamwork and threw himself into it, he shot a nice buck in his second year, and an 8-pinner a couple of years later.  Now, after seven years with us, he can run the Ridge almost as well as Rick.

Kyle is a couple of years younger than Barry, and joined us one year later.  He helped Barry with his trap lines, and learned just as quickly as Barry did.  Kyle is a little different—he likes to think ahead, plan carefully, and look after details.  Kyle listens to what goes on around him, evaluates, and draws his own conclusions.  He is calm and cool.  He is committed to the team.   Kyle got his own 8-pinner, just one year after Barry got his.  The trophy head hung for a few years in his dad’s hotel, and now hangs in the farmhouse. 

Laura, the youngest of the three kids, deserves mention, here.  I spent many afternoons at the Low Arena, helping her learn to skate, when she was a little girl.  She always finds a day or two to join us during hunting season, and she hikes the Ridge as well as anyone.  She has trouble finding the time, because she is always on the road for hockey practices, games, and tournaments.  She has been scouted by some colleges, and I predict that we will see Laura Monette contending for a spot on the women’s national hockey team.