In the early sixties, my youngest brother Guy started hanging out with a pal whose family were friends with my Mom and Dad, in Ottawa.  Pierre and Guy hung around at my parents’ cottage, and at Pierre’s family cottage.  They fished together for pike, trout and pickerel, all over the Gatineau Hills.  This led to bows and bow hunting, and eventually, in the early 70’s, Pierre became part of our hunting team.  He was with us for about thirty years, and was joined by his son Eric, when Eric was a teenager.  Both Pierre and Eric are energetic hunters, and have shot their share of deer.  Eric shot his first buck, hunting with us—a beautiful 8-pinner. 

In the year 2000, Pierre had a chance to buy a 200-acre abandoned farm.  It’s about twenty miles from us, as the crow flies, and holds some nice deer.  Now, Pierre hunts there with his son and his brother.  Eric and Pierre dropped in on us one Sunday in the middle of hunting season, three or four years ago, to show us a ten-point, 200+ lb. buck that Eric had shot.  Pierre is a good woodsman, who can go with the best, and he is justifiably proud of Eric.  We exchange visits, and his pictures will show how well they have done.

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