Everyone in the hunting party must have taken hunting and safety courses.

Whenever possible, handle your rifle and play with it until it is an extension of you.  This helps control adrenaline during the hunt, and helps make safe habits, instinctive.

Before hunting season, get the guys together to test fire and practice shoot.  This is a fine time to ensure that everyone is operating safely, and to remind any who might show carelessness or poor habits, that safety is paramount.

Unsafe acts should not be tolerated, and all have to be willing to show good self-discipline during the hunt.  Everyone can relax and have a really good time, if they know they are safe in the woods.

Watch over your partner or partners, and make sure they watch over you.  Fire those that break safety rules—send them home.  Taking risks is foolish.  Allowing others to take risks around you is just as bad.

Booze and dope have no place in the hunt.  If someone can’t have a good time unless he’s drinking or toking, send him home.  There are enough dangers without having a drunk or stoned hunter wandering the woods with a loaded weapon.

Always overdress a bit. Weather is unpredictable in the hills where we hunt, and it is always better to remove a layer than to be without it when the wind comes up and the rain or snow come down.

Be as fit as possible, maintain strong legs.  Be aware of the fitness level of other members of the hunting party, and plan your runs with their abilities in mind.  Don’t put anyone in danger of overexerting themselves, especially the older guys or those who don’t keep themselves in shape.

At the end of the day, make sure no one leaves rifles or ammunition lying around.


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