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This brother is just fifteen months younger than I am, and we’ve always called him Rolly.  As a kid and a young man, Rolly was tall and thin, but very, very strong.  He liked to do his own thing—he always loved the woods, and has never been afraid of anything, but he never took orders very well.  He just walked the woods, kind of easy and relaxed.
Rolly was with me and my Dad when I got my first buck, and I was with him and Dad when he got his.  Rolly was part of the team from the beginning, and would never understand the words “pressure,” “panic,” or “hurry.”  He has always been a lot of fun.

In later years, Rolly brought his two sons-in-law to hunt with us.  He was proud of them, and wanted to show them off to us.  But he also wanted to show us off to them.  He thought we could help coach them, and we did.  Although they haven’t been able to continue hunting with us, we have some great memories, and so do they.